Hats for Newborns : Best Fabrics & Styles for Comfort

Hats for Newborns : Best Fabrics & Styles for Comfort

Benefits of Newborn Hats

Naturally, when the weather is cool, knit hats do help to keep the baby’s head warm and in the summer, to shield them from the sun’s rays, a wide cotton brimmed hat works great. So what happens in between those days, parents are placing all types of hats for newborns on the baby which are the coolest.


Newborn hats could also serve as an emotional comfort. Hats can make a baby feel like they are still being snuggled. Also, parents worry that the fine, wispy hair of the baby needs protection to help their hair grow. No, this is a fallacy, a baby’s hair is going to grow or not, based on genes.


There is a chance that keeping a hat on a newborn could stunt the growth of the peach fuzz on top of their head. Unless your newborn has a head full of hair, then hats are not necessarily needed on their head 24-hours a day.


My Baby’s Hair and Hat Comfort

Most babies will go through different hair stages. Wispy haired babies will lose their first strands becoming completely bald. But whether your newborn wears a hat or not, a baby’s hair strands will grow back softer, fuller, and with darker coloring.


Certain newborn hat styles are sometimes accepted by the baby until it’s not. The newborn baby is already expressing its like or dislike for the hats that have been placed on their heads by loving and adoring parents.


The knit ribbed caps fit snugly onto of the baby’s head and appears to be quite comfortable. Then there are hats for newborns that require hanging strings to be tied underneath the baby’s chin or left to just hang down.


As an accessory for baby boys and baby girls, hats are just too adorable. Hats inside the home are necessary if the home’s temperature is at a comfortable level. However, parents enjoy placing a light cotton cap on the baby to coordinate with its sleeping wear or swaddling blankie.



Hats for newborns


Safest Newborn Hat Material

There is nothing sweeter than taking photos of the newborn wearing a bunny hat with ears, a colourful cap with a loving phrase or their name imprinted, newsboy caps, beanies, turbans, or an upcoming holiday hat.


A baby’s skin is very sensitive, therefore the safest yarn material for a newborn’s hat should consist of the following combinations:

  • Cotton blends
  • Acrylic blends
  • Soft wool blends
  • Bamboo blends
  • Rayon blends
  • Soft polyester knit

Pediatricians and Hat Use

Pediatricians state that newborn babies leave a womb that is warm and comforting. They are born into a chilly environment which is why nurses immediately wrap them in swaddling clothes which also includes a warm knit cap.


Baby doctors state that once you get home the baby doesn’t need a hat, but most parents love the look of a cap on the baby and they continue this cute little accessory dressing which is okay as long as the baby is comfortable.


newborn baby hat

Color-Coded Newborn Hats

Hats for newborns are just the cutest. Yes, warm knit hats are placed on newborns right after they are delivered from their mothers. In the U.S. blue knit caps are placed on the boys and pink knit caps are placed on the girls.


Red hats are made preferably from acrylic, baby wool, or cotton yarn if a baby is born with a congenital heart disease. White knitted newborn hats is a uni-sex color for either gender.


Some mothers place a pink ribbon on the white cap for the girls and dads like to place a sports symbol on the baby boys caps.


Newborn hats in the United Kingdom have a whole different color-coded meaning. To monitor the newborn babies, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of UK hospitals, they have devised a smart color health differential for each baby:


  • Red: to observe regularly
  • Orange/Amber/Yellow: needs help often
  • Green: baby is healthy and okay – observe normally

Prince Louis Arthur Charles came home from the hospital with a white cap and outfit wrapped in the arms of mom Duchess Kate and proud dad Prince Williams. White is a universal color that everything is good and the baby is very healthy.


If either color is not the dominant color, then bobble hats are knitted in white with a little pom pom on top denotating the color-code for their infant care. But after these U.S., and U.K. denotations, when taking the baby home, moms continue to decide on placing little baby hats on them.

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