Hats after hair transplant : Quick Guide

Hats after hair transplant : Quick Guide

Can I Wear A Hat After I Get A Hair Transplant?


The Inside Scoop on Rocking Those Hats After Hair Transplant


Picking out a nice hat to wear after a hair transplant may be in your best interest. You are going to encounter some tell-tale signs that others will be able to see.

Hats after hair transplant not only cover up the signs you have had surgery but they also avoid awkward situations with people in your neighborhood.

You also need to protect yourself against nature and what she can do.


3 Reasons Why You Should Wear A Hat After A Transplant


1) The sun can wreak havoc on your head. Some of you may live in a sunny climate. It gets hot a lot. The skin can cause some soreness on your scalp, especially after a transplant. The heat can also cause your scalp to be burned.

Do you really want to be dealing with a burnt scalp after surgery? That is not going to be a good look on you.

You could take pain medications, but there is only so much they can do. Your scalp needs something more. A hat can cover up the spot where the transplant took place and make your head look appealing too.


2) You also need to watch for the wind and rain. The wind and rain, in general, are not going to irritate your scalp as the sun and heat do, but it can cause irritation. There is a small chance that wind and rain could irritate a small portion of the scalp, especially post-op. That is why you need to be careful.

Intense wind and rain can also cause the new follicles to shift their position. Some of the hair may fall out. That means you might have to go through the process again, depending on how severe it is.

It normally takes your hair 7-10 days to get used to the transplant. Your new hair needs time to settle in and get comfortable with your regular hair. Any disruptions during this time are ill-advised.


3) You also need to protect your head from dirt and pollution. There is a lot of dirt in the air. You can get dirt in your scalp simply by going out to get the mail every day.

Say you do get a little dirt in your scalp within the first few days and weeks. It could take that long to get it out. You need to keep that area clean for the new few weeks. The cleaner that area is, the healthier that area is going to be after it heals.


Tips On Wearing A Hat After A Transplant


1) You should wear a hat that is loose. Wearing a tight hat is going to make matter worse. Your scalp needs room to breathe. Take some hats to your appointment and ask your surgeon for some advice.

2) Put your hat slowly with both hands. You want to make sure you do not knock any of the new hairs out of place.

3) Is the headband tight? A tight headband is going to irritate your scalp and make it itchy. You may even knock some hairs out of place.

4) Take your hat off using an upward motion. Go slow and use both hands.



Clean the hat you wear regularly to avoid infection. How long should you wear a hat after the transplant? You wear it for as long as the surgeon tells you to.

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